Laguna w Hiking Buddies!

Great Bday Dinner!


WD Appetizer Party!

Happy Holidays!

Just another day in Paradise

Family Room Touring!

The Zoo!

Will turns 60!

New Roof!

Lisa Cancer Free for 5 Years!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Visit Jeff & Cece in Cambria!

Happy Halloween!

Lisa's Volunteer Creations...

Trees Cut!


Paul and Karen Visit!


Honoring Lorna's Dad...

A JPL Meeting

Mom buys a new car!

Lisa & Greg visit Paula and Katie...

Honoring Linda's Dad...

Surf Safari in a TSC van!


Good Bye Classroom!

Omar has hip surgery!

San Juanico...again!

A New Surfboard!

A Lisa Descanso Contribution!

Meet Leo in Morro...

Betsy Retires!

Visit Leo in SF

Oregon Coast

Visit Ab!


CSI Crowd Reunited 30 Years Later!

Last Day of School...forever?

Our new neighbor...


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